Flash to HMTL5 Converter


VMeisoft Flash to HTML5 Converter is the professional conversion software for flash .flv and .swf files. It allows you to convert local or web flash flv/swf files to HTML video format: WebM, MP4, OGG, which could be played smoothly for popular PC browsers like IE, Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, and Opera. You can even visit the created HTML5 video on your personal portable devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Android smartphone, Nokia Windows 8 provided it is uploaded to your web site successfully.

Before creating HTML5 video, you are allowed to edit HTML5 for special requirements, such as set the output video resolution, choose the frame rate, adjust the video brightness/contrast, trim the video image size by customizing the left/top/width/height, add picture water mark, add picture advertisement by linking to your website. How powerful VMeisoft Flash to HTML5 Converter, isn’t it? Free download it and try to make vivid HTML5 video from your flash .flv or .swf files!

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For win32 only (5.9MB)

For win64 only (6.1MB)

Key features of Flash to HMTL5 Converter

  • Convert local flash .flv & .swf files to HTML5 videos
  • Download online flash files from website
  • Create flash files to WebM, MP4, OGG HTML5 format
  • Play HTML5 with popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera
  • Set web player play mode: Autoplay, Controls or Loop
  • Enjoy HTML5 movies on the move using portable devices
  • Fast conversion speed and output HTML5 video with high quality
  • Work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP